VRP XV3 Pistons 'Build Your Own' Pro Pack

This is our new "Build Your Own" XV3 Piston Pro Pack.  Now you are able to build your own Pro Pack with the pistons you prefer!  We are also offeing this Pro Pack a little differently than in the past.  You are basically purchasing two 2 sets of Pistons along with a  Piston Caddy, and getting the 3rd set of Pistons FREE!  

Used by the Pros because they are Simple to understand!  The Pistons are designed to increase the Rebound only. They do not change the compression from what you would have running stock pistons. No crazy set up changes. No scratching your head if they work or even made a difference. Anyone who has run them will tell you it was better from the moment they squeezed the trigger! No questions! ....Amazing!

*Important: The VRP ‘XV3’ Pistons are designed to have a washer under and over them. It is important to run washers and that they are correctly installed. Each set of pistons is supplied with a Washer Hardware Pack to make sure you have what you need to install them.

 1. - You will feel a difference in the piston because it is designed for the oil to flow through the holes instead of around the perimeter. We suggest starting with the normal oil you would use for this piston size (30-35wt). Remember, the compression stroke stays the same, only the rebound is quicker.

2. - There is an Optional ‘Hard’ Valve to use for High Temp, or High Bite Tracks. Simply pull the Stock Valve out and insert the new Valve. 


VRP XV3 Pistons 'Build Your Own' Pro Pack

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