VRP CNC 10th Off Road - Ultra Shock Stand (Black)

This is a VRP Shock Stand for 10th Offroad. These are CNC cut in the USA out of 6061. The base has 2 pockets that can be used for holding assorted items such as your shock caps, pistons, washers, etc.  In the front section of the base is a small magnet.  This is handy to help keep track of screws, nuts and washers.  The base is the same for the 1/10 stand and 1/8 stand.  The tops of the Shock Stands are interchangeable and sold individually as well.  This means, say you purchase the 1/8 Shock Stand, you can buy the 1/10 top and have a Shock Stand for both 1/8 and 1/10! in Blue or Black.

  • Made from American 6061 Aluminum 
  • CNC Cut and Anodized in house at VRP
  • 3mm and 3.5mm holes to hold your Shock Shafts
  • Laser Etched Markings help with Shock Identification and adds some style
  • Base includes a handy Magnet and doubles as a parts tray
  • Features Silver Chamfered Edges for added bling
  • Available in Black and Blue

*Now includes a taller post for added height

  • Item #: VRP1254

VRP CNC 10th Off Road - Ultra Shock Stand (Black)

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