VRP 2018 Version 'Option' Flat Front Shock Tower for B6 (Blue)

This is a CnC 7075 Aluminum Front Shock Tower for the AE-B6. This is an 'Option' Tower that eliminates the outer 'stock' shock position that isn't used. By doing this, the stock middle hole becomes the outside hole, as well as the inner hole. But as an additional tuning 'Option', we have added a hole between them. This will offer a fine adjustment for the different grip levels found in modern racing.

Features include:

* Made from USA 7075 American Aluminum

* CnC Machined, Anodized, and Laser Etched at the VRP Factory in Houston, Tx.

* Engineered Structure for Maximum Strength

* Within 1g of the stock Carbon Fiber Tower

* No more breakage issues

* Anodized AE-Blue with Chrome Edging

* Emblazed VRP Velvet Storage Pouch 

  • Item #: VRP1243

VRP 2018 Version 'Option' Flat Front Shock Tower for B6 (Blue)

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